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Your Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, and other support emails organized all in one place as help desk tickets making life much easier. Plus, automate repeat tasks like common replies, signatures, auto response, and more..

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Efficiency Super Powers

Conversations from all your selling channels are each grouped into a neat thread inside a ticket.

Inside each ticket; you can updates statuses, assign & delegate out to team members, view past orders, previous tickets, internal notes, and more.

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All Your Brands & Companies

Many sellers have multiple Amazon accounts and stores that each sell a different product line or brand.

Add, manage, and switch between every product company you have all within the same Helpify account.

More on using multiple brands

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Stop Repetitive Grunt Work

In two clicks, insert a Saved Reply to common questions. Create and customize unlimited Saved Reply templates.

Signatures are also automatically added to each one of your responses. Customize your signature with each of your brand's logo and more.

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Setup Auto Responders

Hit target response times and metrics even when you're away.

Assure buyers they will be helped soon during non-business hours, weekends, and vacations.

More on our auto responders

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All Amazon Marketplaces

Helpify works with all 10 Amazon marketplaces including: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, and India.


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