Help Desk Tickets

Handle your e-commerce customer service like a pro with 20x more efficiency than using an email inbox.

Entire Convo In One Place

No more hassles of a cluttered email inbox. No more pain of using a limited Amazon Seller Central or Ebay seller account for managing messages.

We organize all your incoming messages from all channels into simple, clean threads within tickets.

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Track Tickets & Stay On Top

Easily recognize which tickets need what attention and when including any that need following up.

Move tickets between Open, Pending, and Closed statuses.

Know when tickets are nearing or over reply-time metrics like Amazon's 24 hour one.

In addition, mark tickets as No Response Needed with just one click.

Go Team

Give your virtual assistants and customer service reps access to handle tickets.

Each team member has their own custom signatures, metrics, and more.

Delegate and assign tickets to your team. Keep an eye on their activity and analyze performance.

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Multiple Companies & Brands

Have more than one product brand, company, or Amazon account? No problem. You can add on as many as needed; each having it's own inbox but all within the same Helpify account.

Each company also has it's own unique set of auto responders, user signatures, saved replies, and more.

In addition; you can monitor from a big view picture via Admin Dashboard showing each Inbox's ticket and user activities.

Buyer Profiles

We save each customer and their history.

Quickly look up any past tickets, current & past orders, and any internal notes you or the team have written for this customer.

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Save Big Time

Automate and create shortcuts so you can focus on higher level activities that make a much bigger impact to your sales.

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Saved Replies

Knock out common, repeat questions by inserting a custom Saved Reply into your responses.

You can also save commonly used hyper links as a Saved Reply as well.

Custom Signatures

Customize your signature with pictures, links, brand logos, etc.

Your signature is pre-filled at the bottom of each reply box before sending.

Auto Responders

Create and activate an auto response during the weekdays, weekends, holidays, and vacations.

Adjust and set open business hours for any week day and week end day.

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All Features


  • Threaded Conversation
  • Change & Track Status
  • Mark No Response Needed

Saved Replies

  • 2-Click Insert
  • Fully Customizable
  • Add Links
  • Unlimited

Auto Responders

  • Weekdays
  • Weekends
  • Anytime


  • Pre-Filled
  • Format Text & Font
  • Add Images
  • Add Links


  • Manage Members
  • Assign Tickets

Buyer Profiles

  • See Buyer's Orders
  • See Buyer's Past Tickets
  • Add Notes On Buyer


  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Shopify
  • Other Emails


  • United States, Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany, France
  • Italy, Spain, Japan
  • China, India

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