Auto Responders Random Times

Posted November 9, 2017 at 5:16am | 3 Responses Open
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Does the Amazon autoresponder have a randomised reply time? I.e. it replies to the first ticket in 4 minutes, the second ticket in 30 mins and the 3rd ticket in 16mjns.

Amazon do not like autoresponding software.

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Hey Martyn,

Again; apologies for the missed reply.

So it doesn't have any kind of set randomised time; as it shoots off as soon as the email comes into Helpify. However with that said; our reply goes straight into Amazon's buyer messaging system and there is a "processing" time that messages go through & it may very well be where the delay is.

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Amazon does not like autoresponders and will pick up on this.  Can you ask your development team to add a program object to your platform that will randomnize when a reply is sent?



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Hey Martyn,

Currently, Amazon does not have any objections in their TOS against auto-responders regarding customer service. Many sellers use other traditional help desk softwares with auto-responders running as well. Some even have it in their default emails like Outlook using 'out of office' reply.

As long as it isn't abused meaning trying to avoid giving good customer service; it only increases the quality of service most sellers can give to their buyers.

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