How does the Free Trial work?

Your first 14 days are free with all features. Near the end of the 14 days, you will get an email reminder. You can choose whether or not to continue with a plan that fits your number of users on your team or simply dis-continue use and your account will automatically go in-active.

What features are unlimited?

You get an unlimited amount of tickets. You can setup as many companies, Amazon accounts, & brands you want under one Helpify account - as well as any channels for each like Amazon buyer messages, Ebay messages, Shopify, etc. You can also create an unlimited amount of Saved Replies, Auto Responses, and more.

What Amazon marketplaces can I use?

You can use any and all marketplaces that Amazon offers. You will just simply need to create a quick setup to sync with each Amazon account you have.

What is a user?

A user is a profile account you can create to access & use your Helpify account. Outside of yourself, this is usually virtual assistants or other customer service representatives that you have helping handle questions for your company.

How do I change plans when my team changes?

Your plan changes automatically with the number of users you have on your account. When you go to create and add new user profiles, the plan automatically increases accordingly. When you delete a user, the plans adjusts as well. Any credit will be pro-rated so you will only be charged appropriately.

How do I cancel a plan?

You can cancel a plan completely by heading over to Account Settings from the top-right dropdown and clicking the grey Cancel Plan button found in the Billing tab.

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